Nickel and Nickel Alloy Electroplating Products for Connectors

Dow Electronic Materials offers advanced electrolytic nickel plating products for the Connector market to enhance corrosion resistance and inhibit tin whisker growth.


NICKEL GLEAM™ EP-M Phosphorus Nickel
Description: An electrolytic Nickel-Phosphorus plating product designed for barrel, rack, reel-to-reel and jet plating applications. It is a single additive system capable of producing deposits with phosphorus content of 11% or more.

NIKAL™ MP200/ MP500 Nickel
Description: A high-speed electrolytic nickel that offers a semi-bright to bright finish with low porosity, good ductility, excellent wear resistance and high tolerance of metallic impurities.

NIKAL™ PC 3 /NIKAL™ PC 5 Nickel
Description: An electrolytic nickel plating product that can be applied for both low speed and high speed applications.The deposit is an excellent undercoating for various metal finishes.