TREVISTA™ Quantum Dots

Dow's Trevista™ Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots

A Whole New View on Color

TREVISTA™ quantum dots truly bring a whole new view on color to televisions and other electronic displays. When incorporated into a display film, TREVISTA™ quantum dots are energized by the light source, emitting deeper reds, brighter greens and a wider color palette. The difference is significant for the viewer delivering richer, more vivid color to electronic displays – without the use of cadmium.

 Product Application


Dramatically improved color

  • Dow TREVISTA™ cadmium-free quantum dots bring enhancement in color
  • Dow TREVISTA™ cadmium-free quantum dots show better DCI-P3 performance (25%p) compared to conventional LCD display
  • Lifelike color implementation

<Color Gamut Comparison, Source: Dow>

Reliable and Consistent Supply

  • Dow is a leading global company in cadmium-free quantum dots
  • Dow is now operating a large-scale manufacturing facility in Cheonan, South Korea and able to produce cadmium-free quantum dots to meet customers' commercial requirements
  • Dow maintains the highest global standards for quality and supply efficiency


  • Dow TREVISTA™ quantum dots are cadmium free: free from the RoHS regulated element
  • Dow TREVISTA™ cadmium-free quantum dots meet the needs of customers concerned about RoHS compliance issues from cadmium content

Applicable to Next Generation Quantum Dot Solutions

TREVISTA™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company.