Introducing Kevlar® XP™ K520

Life Protection Kevlar® XP™ K520

The latest in military and law enforcement protection

Whether it’s protecting our neighborhoods or our nation, DuPont is committed to providing the critical protection that military and law enforcement personnel need to get home safely. DuPont™ Kevlar® XP™ K520 is the latest addition to the tested and proven XP™ ballistic portfolio, designed to provide more protection with fewer layers.


Discover how ballistic vests made with Kevlar® XP™ K520 provide the protection that military personnel and law enforcement officers deserve

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Kevlar® XP™ K520 is a woven, multiaxial knitted fabric based on Kevlar® and other high-strength yarns used to improve performance of V50 in ballistic vests. Kevlar® XP™ K520 provides high bullet performance structure, good trauma reduction, ballistic structure and more flexibility than UD. 

Because Kevlar® XP™ K520 requires minimal layer counts, it is easy to use in simple monolithic vest designs that provide increased comfort without sacrificing ballistic performance.