Spike protection


Superior performance for a range of sharp hazards

Spike hazards can happen without warning. Whether it’s a designed or improvised threat, Kevlar® and Tensylon® provide industry-leading puncture resistance for a range of applications to keep military personnel and law enforcement officers protected against unexpected threats. 

Kevlar® laminates for

multi-threat protection

Product name Style Applications

AS K240S

KM2+ Laminated Fabric (High Tenacity)

Soft armor


Designed for the hazards you face 

DuPont Life Protection provides superior PPE options designed for the extreme hazards facing military personnel, emergency responders and law enforcement officers. 


Ballistic and trauma protection

Ballistic and trauma

Resists tears and abrasion

Resists tears
and abrasion

Durability and strength

Durability and

Thin and lightweight

Thin and



Easy assembly

Easy assembly


As threats continue to change and evolve, we work tirelessly to keep your protective gear one step ahead.


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