Introducing Tensylon® HSBD-40A

Life Protection Tensylon® HSBD-40A
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The brave deserve the best in armor

For those who face the most extreme hazards and threats, DuPont continues to help them answer the call with confidence. DuPont™ Tensylon® HSBD-40A is the latest innovation in our tested and proven portfolio of hard armor solutions for military and law enforcement personnel. 


Discover how Tensylon® HSBD-40A can improve performance and protection for a range of hard armor solutions.

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Tensylon® HSBD-40A is a 4-ply offering that provides a unique balance of ballistic and mechanical properties to armor solutions and can facilitate the manufacturing of high performance, large size and complex-shaped ballistic protective articles. 

Tensylon® HSBD-40A provides superior ballistic protection and trauma reduction, mechanical strength, long-lasting durability and processing flexibility, and is particularly suited for vehicle liner, ceramic backing, shield, helmet and other hard armor applications.