Nomex® for wildland firefighting protection


Trusted firefighter apparel for wildland firefighters


Wildland firefighters can depend on firefighter apparel made with Nomex® to help them meet the unique demands of an increasingly rigorous and challenging job. DuPont solutions offer fire resistance, particulate protection, and many other benefits such as lighter weight options to help protect you from heat stress. And we’re not done yet.  With the development of Nomex® Nano, DuPont continues to innovate with our partners in all of those areas as well as addressing needs like comfort, FR face masks, and new fabrics to best support wildland firefighters in the most extreme conditions. 


Next-generation wildland firefighter gear

This webinar examines the latest advancements and testing of wildland firefighter apparel that helps offer FR and particulate protection and addresses needs like comfort to help reduce the threat of heat stress.

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