Get the Facts Videos

A series of 1-min videos for creative demonstrations on our protective garments and gloves. 


  • Tyvek®
  • Nomex®

Tyvek® Low Linting

Tyvek® Abrasion Resistance

Tyvek® Light weight

Tyvek® Water Resistance/Breathability


What to consider when selecting hoods

How the layers of your turnout gear work together

Nomex® Nano Flex – Why is it important for fire service?

What’s underneath your gear matters

Interfaces in your gear – can they help protect you from harmful

Nomex® Nano and Nomex® Nano Flex – How are they different?

Thermal liners: Part 1 – How Nomex® Nano can help reduce the risk of heat stress

Thermal liners: Part 2 – How “slippery” thermal liners can benefit firefighters