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Nomex® MHP for Stationwear

Fabric made with DuPont™ Nomex® MHP for Stationwear helps provide firefighter garments with reliable and trusted flame-resistant protection and is designed for all day comfort. Nomex® MHP for Stationwear offers durability for those tough physical jobs at the station, is lightweight and provides optimal moisture management for enhanced comfort. 

Why you should choose fabric made with Nomex® MHP for Stationwear


Provides trusted FR protecion against flames and extreme heat and wont' melt or drip.
The proven heat and flame protection of Nomex® cannot be washed out or worn away.
Designed to adborb moisture and dry more quickly than flame-retarted cotton to provide excellent wearer comfort.
Excellent laundry colorfastness to maintain a professional apearance wash after wash.
Certification is pending for NFPA 2112 and NFPA 1975.
Nomex® MHP for Stationwear is available in 5.5-oz twill shirt fabric in navy and 7-oz. twill pant fabric in navy.

Recommended USE and CARE for DuPont™ Nomex® MHP for Stationwear

Single-layer Nomex® MHP fabrics are not suitable for protection against hot liquids or steam. Do not wear alone for structural or proximity firefighting. Do not use for chemical protection. Follow all warning, use and care instructions included on the garment manufacturer’s label.

Flammable contaminants will reduce the thermal protection of any FR fabrics and the garments made from them. Wash all garments made of Nomex® MHP fabric frequently to ensure that no grease, oil, soil or other flammable contaminants are present when the garment is worn.

Guidelines for home laundering: 

• Wash new garments before wearing to remove fabric processing aids and finishes.
• Launder garments separately from non-flame-resistant clothing so FR garments are not contaminated with flammable lint.
• Wash dark and light colors separately.
• Secure all zippers and snaps before washing and drying.
• Pretreat stains. 
• Machine-wash in hot water (maximum 140°F / 60°C) with a heavy-duty liquid detergent.
• Only oxygen-based bleach should be used on clothing made of Nomex®. Although chlorine bleach will not affect the inherent flame resistance of Nomex®, it may cause loss of strength and color in garments over time. 
• Tumble-dry on low heat (maximum 160°F / 71°C).
• Do not over-dry. Remove promptly to minimize wrinkles.
• Commercially available laundry additives or aids, such as fabric softeners, dryer sheets, scent boosters, fabric conditioners, odor eliminators, static guards, wrinkle releasers or wrinkle removers, should not be used to launder FR garments if they contain chemicals that are flammable. Flammable materials on the surface or within FR fabric could adversely affect thermal protection. 
• Removal of grease or oil stains may require dry cleaning.
• Do not store or line-dry fabrics or garments made of Nomex® in sunlight.

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