Nomex® for PPE


Performance when the heat is on

PPE garments made with Nomex® provide the ultimate in heat and flame-resistant protection against a range of thermal hazards. From heat and flame to arc flash protection, Nomex® delivers uncompromising FR protection.

Why Nomex®

New Nomex® naming system

Nomex® is making it easier to specify the right FR protection for the job by renaming their tested and proven solutions.


Get the Facts in 2021: FR Face Coverings for Industrial Workers

Hosted on March 16, 2021, our DuPont Personal Protection team provided an update on the latest face mask guidance, face mask selection criteria, and FR face covering standards to consider in the industrial space.

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Heat & flame protection

Nomex® offers a tested and proven portfolio of protective solutions that continues to meet or exceed global standards for heat, flame and arc flash protection.


Arc flash protection

Nomex fabric delivers lightweight, comfortable FR protective solutions that meet or exceed global standards in arc flash, heat and flame protection and performance.


Nomex® for emergency response

Those who dedicate their lives to protecting ours deserve the best protection available.


Flame and arc protection products

From FR apparel to cut resistant gloves and sleeves to protective coveralls, find the right PPE for the hazards you face at SafeSPEC™. 

Nomex® fabric delivers lightweight FR solutions for arc flash hazards

Nomex® for electrical/utility

Nomex® offers a tested and proven portfolio of protective solutions for electricians, wiremen and linemen with uncompromising and unparalleled protection and comfort.

Nomex® provides tested and proven heat and flame solutions

Nomex® for manufacturing & transportation

People working the toughest industrial jobs around the world face the risk of fire hazards during every shift. That’s why they choose FR clothing made with Nomex®--for proven protection and comfort. 

Nomex® for racing protection

Racing protection

Performance and confidence — racing professionals can’t have one without the other. That’s why they wear racing suits made of DuPont™ Nomex® fiber.

Thermo-Man® demonstration unit


Our Thermo-Man® units use state-of-the-art technology to demonstrate the durability and superior flame-resistance Nomex® delivers compared to other FR solutions. 


Find the right protective product for your application or industry with DuPont™ SafeSPEC™

Find the right protective products for the mining industry in SafeSPEC™.

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