Protera® Fabric


More Arc Protection with Protera® Fabric

DuPont™ Protera® offers the inherent protection of Nomex® brand fiber along with better comfort and durability than FR cotton/nylon blends.
DuPont™ Protera® NFPA 70E-compliant fabric that is breathable, lightweight and helps manufacturers provide electricians, utility workers, and other industrial workers with inherently thermal-resistant garments for electric arc protection. Protera® fabric helps deliver a right level of arc flash protection for the job and can stand up to repeated washes — making it a more affordable option over FR treated fabrics. Along with this built-in protection, Protera® offers excellent durability that helps prevent rips and tears, so workers get more use from each garment. And because it’s rigorously tested by DuPont scientists and engineers, workers know that the fabric used to make their garments is not only compliant, but can stand up to the tough jobs they perform.
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DuPont™ Nomex® fiber and Protera® fabric provide excellent arc flash protection.


Arc flash protection

The latest innovation from DuPont, Nomex® for arc flash clothing offers utility and industrial workers multi-hazard protection, proven comfort and market-leading durability.


Industry Segments

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