Nomex® Comfort

Nomex® Comfort | Comfort without Compromise

At DuPont, we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise protection for comfortable FR PPE. That’s why we engineered Nomex® Comfort, an innovative fabric that delivers both extreme protection and maximum comfort – exclusively from DuPont.    

Nomex® Comfort is lightweight, highly breathable and quick drying, providing wearers from the pipeline to the production line the most comfortable FR PPE yet. In addition to a comfortable feel, Nomex® Comfort is also the lightest weight fabric on the market to meet international standards for:

Additional Nomex® Comfort considerations:

  • Lasts 3X longer than other FR PPE fabrics
  • Inherent heat and flame protection that can’t be washed or worn away
  • Designed for oil and gas, petrochemical and general manufacturing industries
  • Available exclusively through DuPont