Nomex / Nomex® Essential (Nomex® IIIA)

CO/PD 06-22B

Nomex® Essential (Nomex® IIIA)

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Name Description
Manufacturer Aurora
Model CO/PD 06-22B
Design Combat Shirt
Fabric Weight 5.4 oz
Available Colors Camouflage
Electric Arc Rating cal/cm2
Hazard Heat & Flame
Reflective Available No
High Visibility No


    • Single breast-front with double closing , the first closure is zippered with double zipper head, so it can be open from above or below. The zipper is protected and covered by a flap with 3 fastener tapes that serves as second closing
    • Has long sleeves with tabs, which carries a button in the tab and 3 button holes in the hem sleeve area to fit the sleeve opening
    • Mandarin style collar with fastener tapes allow soldiers to use open collar in military bases or close during tactical operations and / or combat; to prevent the ingress of any debris, insect or substance
    • Extensions in the back for better mobility and compliance
    • Use elastic band with fastener tapes at the waist for adjustment
    • Two (2) internal chest pockets angled for easy access and its respective flap with tape fastener to cover the zipper
    • On the chest pockets have two (2) fastener tapes, to place the user's last tape and branch of the armed forces (e.g. " U.S. ARMY ")
    • In between the first two (2) tapes of zipper closure there is another fastener tape, 2 " x 2"; to place the user rank
    • On the sleeves there is an expandable pocket with double bottom, the top has access by opening up the flap and background through the zipper. These pockets are positioned at an angle for easy access. Also have 4 inches wide fastener tape on the outside of the pocket to place the different badges required
    • Each pocket has a belt which hides or shows to expose an infrared seal (IFF- Identification Friend or Foe) which its use in missions to identify the same army soldiers or allies. For protection and durability, the IFF seal is covered when using the uniform inside the military base. In figure 5 the IFF is shown unprotected with belt down for illustration purposes only. These sleeve pockets, have eyelets at bottom so they can drain easily, if the user is immersed in water
    • In the lower part of the sleeve has three compartment pencil pocket with flap and fastener tape for closing
    • There are patches of fabric to reinforced elbows and shoulders
    • In the right front panel has an opening with inside cover known as MCG (Microclimate cooling garment) to insert a hose to oxygenate and / or cool the body of the aviator