Introducing Kevlar® XP™ K520


Highly flexible, high-performance ballistic protection

DuPont™ Kevlar® XP™ K520 provides high ballistic performance, good trauma reduction and more flexibility than unidirectional fabrics. And because it requires minimal layer counts, Kevlar® XP™ K520 combines increased comfort with superior ballistic vest performance.


The future of military and
police gear is here

Find out how Kevlar® is redefining the possibilities of protection.


Superior performance comes standard

Enables vest designs that provide NIJ Standard-0101.06 Type IIIA ballistic performance.


More protection with fewer layers

Provides the required stopping power for standard ballistic threats in fewer layers and can easily be hybridized with other materials for customized performance.


The right armor makes the difference

Allows flexible and lightweight vest constructions with superior durability in extreme conditions.


Save lives. Reduce costs.

Can help reduce costs compared to traditional woven fabrics and unidirectional materials.


Your protection is our priority

Whether it’s protecting our neighborhoods or our nation, DuPont is committed to providing the critical protection that military and law enforcement personnel need to get home safely.


Easy assembly

Easy assembly

Extreme durability

Extreme durability

Efficient hybridization


Ballistic and trauma protection

Ballistic and trauma

Temperature resistance



As threats continue to change and evolve, we work tirelessly to keep your protective gear one step ahead.


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