Introducing Tensylon® HSBD-40A


Improving the possibilities for hard armor solutions

DuPont™ Tensylon® HSBD-40A is a 4-ply, high-strength, tape-reinforced, bi-directional laminate that delivers a unique balance of ballistic and mechanical properties to hard armor solutions. Additionally, Tensylon® HSBD-40A provides processing characteristics that allow for the manufacturing of high-performance, large-size and complex-shaped ballistic protection.

From vehicle liners and ceramic backings to shields and helmets, Tensylon® HSBD-40A improves the protection and performance for a range of critical equipment.

Protection for the road ahead

Enables superior protection for large and complex designs, including armored vehicles.

High performance that’s highly versatile

Designed for a range of applications against the most severe ballistic threats.

Improving protection from head to toe

Provides outstanding ballistic protection and trauma reduction to helmets, shields and backings.

Striking a balance

Offers a unique balance of ballistic and mechanical properties for a range of hard armor solutions.


Your protection is our priority

Whether it’s protecting our neighborhoods or our nation, DuPont is committed to providing the critical protection that military and law enforcement personnel need to get home safely. 


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Multi-hit protection

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Superior rigidity and
mechanical strength

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Low pressure

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Ballistic and
trauma protection

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As threats continue to change and evolve, we work tirelessly to keep your protective gear one step ahead.


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