Lighter. Stronger. Safer.

Gloves and sleeves designed with Kevlar® fibers are light-weight and high-performing, delivering the optimal protection for a range of needs. Find the right gloves and sleeves for your job with SafeSPEC.

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Innovation at work

Gloves and sleeves made with Kevlar® are lightweight and provide extraordinary strength for cut protection. Kevlar® patented engineered yarns offer high performance, comfort and dexterity to make tough jobs easier. Make sure you’re protected with the right gloves and sleeves for the job with SafeSPEC.

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Don’t take a chance on safety

The newly revised EN388 and ANSI/ISEA 105 cut standards will help you more accurately choose the protection you need. Find out if your gloves meet the new standards with SafeSPEC.

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Keep Protection and Comfort Intertwined

Patented Kevlar® engineered yarns are lightweight, highly breathable and less rigid – providing market-leading comfort and dexterity for the most intricate work.

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Distinguished protection

The annual DuPont Kevlar® Innovation Awards showcase the most groundbreaking innovations in hand and arm protection.

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