Remediation and Clean Up

Hazardous particulates may be disturbed and become airborne  during abatement and remediation activities.

Appropriate protective apparel selection should consider:

  • Worker protection
  • Material durability
  • Worker comfort
  • Cost 

Inadequately selected protective apparel could lead to the contamination of worker undergarments by allowing hazardous particulate infiltration.

Hazardous particulates could be transported outside of containment on undergarments or skin, contaminating the non-work areas (take home toxins).

Hazardous particulates could be transported by workers subsequently contaminating worker vehicles, homes, and other areas potentially contaminating family members or the general public (indirect transfer).

Both of the above situations may result in illnesses to a range of individuals and increase employer liability   

Contact hazards are best controlled by PPE and critical barriers.

  • Full body exposure is most likely; legs, feet, arms and front of torso receive majority of exposure
  • Choice of gloves and garment materials is dependent on hazardous particulates and chemicals involved 
  • Garment seams and garment designs dependent on activity

The products below are frequently selected for remediation and clean up, but this is not a comprehensive list.  Please click the Industry option in the Product Selector tool at the top of this page to specify your unique challenges and find the garment(s) that best suit your needs.