Finding product details by brand

Finding details about a specific chemical protective or cleanroom product is easy with DuPont™ SafeSPEC™. Product details include: photos providing a full 360° view available options finished dimensions fabric/chemical resistance data product-related literature In some cases, there is a link to request a product sample


From the SafeSPEC™ home page, click on Chemical Protection & Cleanroom in the top navigation bar. Click on Featured Products from the drop-down menu.




On the Products page, use the arrows in the left side menu to expand each product family and view products by Brand/Fabric.



Click on the check box of the product family that interests you. For this example, we’ll  use Tyvek® 400. The full range of product designs will display. For this example, there are 20 matching Tyvek® 400 products.



Select the garments that you want to compare by using the check boxes, then click the Selected button in the upper right. 



Use the results to compare product design, features and physical properties.