TYPAR® laminated house wrap vs. Tyvek® HomeWrap®


TYPAR® laminated house wrap relies on a fragile film to keep air and water out. The film can be scratched or torn during installation, allowing water to seep into exterior walls.

With DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®, air and bulk water holdout is integral—built into the material itself.


Comparing weather barriers

Only skin deep.

The air and water holdout performance of TYPAR® laminated house wrap resides in a thin top layer. Thanks to the unique structure of DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®, air and water protection exist throughout the material's entire thickness.


TYPAR® laminated house wrap 350X magnification

Tyvek® HomeWrap® 350X magnification


Risk of abrasion

Just scratching the surface.

TYPAR® laminated house wrap is made from polypropylene fiber mesh with a fragile coating. The polypropylene is tear resistant but offers no protection against water and air penetration. Micrographs of test results show how the surfaces of TYPAR® and Tyvek® stood up to just one cycle of abrasion.


TYPAR® laminated house wrap 350X magnification

Tyvek® HomeWrap® 350X magnification


How bad can it be?

Can a little surface damage really affect a product's performance? To find out, TYPAR® laminated house wrap and Tyvek® HomeWrap® were exposed to abrasion, then tested head-to-head for air and water resistance. The results were eye-opening: After a single abrasion cycle, TYPAR® laminated house wrap lost virtually all of its measurable water resistance.





TYPAR® lost most of its effective water resistance after one abrasion cycle. The water resistance of Tyvek® was not significantly affected after five abrasion cycles.


Tyvek® performs

Tyvek® HomeWrap® resists air and bulk water penetration while allowing a home's interior to breathe. Protection is found throughout the entire thickness—meaning Tyvek® still performs after exposure to jobsite and installation rigors. 

For durable, energy-efficient structures, don't settle for less. Insist on Tyvek® for superior weather protection.



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