Sergio Nanita, Research Investigator

Analytical Chemist, DuPont Crop Protection, Wilmington, DE  

Sergio Nanita is an analytical chemist and mass spectrometrist known for his innovative methods for rapid trace-level detection of chemicals in the most complex systems. His analytical methods have proven useful at DuPont to address challenges in agricultural chemistry, environmental sciences, food safety, chemical genomics, industrial waste treatment and forensic sciences. Sergio’s work is inspiring scientists to adopt his methods for faster analysis and increase operational efficiency of laboratories around the world.

Sergio Nanita

Quote: “Humankind has exponentially improved the efficiency of work over thousands of years, leading to the powerful technologies and scientific innovation we enjoy today. We are now faced with the challenge of wisely executing technology renewal with safer options to supply energy, food, and health, while maintaining harmony with the environment to ensure better quality of life for generations to come.”

                       - Sergio Nanita


At DuPont Crop Protection, Sergio has led several analytical chemistry projects that support the development of novel agricultural products, their registration and launch into global markets to address the need for increased food production.

The author of 20 publications in leading peer-reviewed journals, Sergio has given seminars and presented lectures, in both English and Spanish, at several universities, scientific meetings and private companies across the United States and internationally. He currently serves as the secretary of the Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group.

Sergio was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He received a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico (Río Piedras) and earned a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana) just prior to joining DuPont in 2006.