DuPont Electronics & Communications

DuPont Electronics & Imaging believes in the power of science.

With that power, we can dramatically improve people’s lives—and protect the planet we share. For example, our science is leading the way to:

  • Transform the sun’s rays into clean, efficient energy the world needs to thrive; 
  • Enable smaller, smarter, more stylish and affordable electronic devices and eye-catching displays; 
  • Advance leading technologies and products for the flexographic printing and package printing industry and high-quality digital inks for home, office, commercial, and textile inkjet printing applications.

Dow Electronic Materials and DuPont Electronics & Communications have combined their portfolios and expertise to create the new Electronics & Imaging business. We invite you to explore our expanded line of technologies for the semiconductor, circuit board, industrial, photovoltaic, display, and digital and flexographic printing industries. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your current Dow or DuPont representative or CONTACT US.