Vertak® Optical Bonding Adhesives for Military & Avionics

Demanding Environmental Barriers Conquered for Military and Avionic Displays

LCDs installed in military and commercial avionics applications operate in notoriously rugged conditions.

Challenges can include rough terrain, extreme temperature changes, high altitudes, harsh ambient lighting, electromagnetic interference (EMI), shock and vibration.  DuPont™ Vertak® has been successfully deployed to break down the highly demanding environmental barriers faced by these displays.  In military and avionics applications, use of Vertak™ optical bonding adhesive within product designs:

  • Enables stable performance in extreme temperatures and altitudes
  • Resists stains, dirt, moisture and scratches
  • Increases sunlight readability 400%
  • Increases impact resistance 300%

For additional information on the uses and applications of DuPont™ Vertak® bonding technology, contact your regional representative.