Biopharmaceutical Processing


Exacting purity. Advancing single-use solutions for end-to-end purity, reliability and security.

As a leading supplier of silicone solutions for biopharmaceutical processing, DuPont™ Liveo™ brings expertise and technical and regulatory resources that can guide and accelerate your validation process to adopt single-use systems that help you minimize risks.


Benefits of high-purity biopharma processing tubing & overmolded assemblies in single-use systems

View a 1-hour, on-demand Medicine Maker webinar where we share the advantages of single-use systems (SUS) using silicone or thermoplastic elastomer tubing and silicone overmolded assemblies.

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Meet the demands of regulatory requirements and improved process efficiency

An ideal choice for the transfer of separated biopharma actives, our high-purity, low-permeability silicone tubing provides very low extractables and high resistance to leaching. 

For fluid transfer processes, we produce custom-molded tubing assemblies that offer simplified biopharmaceutical manufacturing, high-purity fluid transfer, reduced risk of leakage and cross-contamination, and lower cleaning costs.

Liveo™ provides the materials of choice for increased productivity, better and safer production, and long shelf life.