Laminates, Coverlays, Bondplys & Adhesives

Flex/Rigid-Flex Circuit Laminates & Adhesive Systems enable the design of increasingly complex circuits for greater functional capacity and miniaturization, while maintaining high reliability through quality and consistency.

Under the DuPont™ Pyralux® brand, DuPont has been the foundation of the flex circuit industry for over 45 years and comprises a broad offering of materials used to make circuitry for single and double-sided flex, multilayer flex, and rigid flex applications. We are a leader in the electronics global marketplace and provide superior sales and technical support worldwide.


DuPont Introduces New Pyralux® High Temperature Flexible Circuit Material System

The Pyralux® HT 225ºC service temperature enables designers to use flexible circuits for the first time in high-temperature environments such as aerospace and automotive engines, brakes and transmissions, and downhole pumps for oil and gas drilling.