Nikaflex® Epoxy-based Adhesive Systems

Nikaflex® Epoxy-based Adhesive Systems

Nikaflex® laminates consist of a family of epoxy-based adhesive systems used in combination with copper and DuPont™Kapton® polyimide film.

These flexible circuit materials are ideal for use in cost sensitive flexible printed wiring board applications not requiring high-performance needs.

Nikaflex® Epoxy-based Clads

Nikaflex® F-30V - is a general-purpose laminate widely used in the flex circuit industry

Nikaflex® F-50V - provides superior ion migration performance

Nikkaflex® Coverlay Films

There are three different coverlay films available:

Nikaflex® CISG - has better anti-Ion-migration and flexural strength properties at higher temperature.

Nikaflex® CISV - is a general-purpose adhesive typically used with F-30V copper clad laminate

Nikaflex® CISA - paired with F-50V copper clad laminate, provides superior ion migration performance

Nikaflex® Epoxy-based Adhesive Films

Also available are three complementary bonding films:

Nikaflex® SAFW - for general-purpose applications

Nikaflex® SAFV - for multi-layer flexes

Nikaflex® SAFD - for high temperature applications


Nikaflex® is a registered trademark of, and used with permission of, Nikkan Industries Co., Ltd.