Pyralux® Flexible Circuit Materials

Pyralux® flexible circuit materials

DuPont offers a comprehensive, industry-leading portfolio of Pyralux® flexible circuit materials and systems designed to meet today's and next generation design challenges.

The Pyralux® portfolio includes a diverse collection of core dielectric materials and customized dimensional constructions that enable the designer and manufacturer of complex circuits to deliver high performance solutions.  DuPont Pyralux® copper clad laminates, bondplys, coverlays, and adhesive systems offer excellent functional performance and high reliability and allow for the fabrication of thin, solderable, high density electrical interconnects for single and double-sided, multilayer flex and rigid flex applications. 



  • Pyralux® TK

    DuPont™ Pyralux® TK is a fluoropolymer/polyimide composite double sided copper clad laminate and bondply ideal for high speed digital and high frequency flexible circuit applications.

  • Pyralux® HT

    Pyralux® HT is an all polyimide flexible laminate system with the highest service temperature available today, that includes a double-sided copper-clad laminate and a unique all polyimide coverfilm or bonding material.

  • Pyralux® LF

    DuPont™ Pyralux® LF products are acrylic-based copper clad laminates, coverlays, bondplys and sheet adhesives and have been the industry standard in high reliability applications in the consumer electronics industry for over 35 years with a proven record of consistency and dependability.

  • Pyralux® AP

    DuPont™ Pyralux® AP is an all polyimide double sided copper clad laminate that has excellent thermal, chemical and mechanical properties ideal for use in high reliability flex and multilayer flex circuitry.

  • Pyralux® JT

    Pyralux® JT Coverfilm and Bonding Material is a polyamideimide-based technology for use in rigid-flex applications or higher temperature flex applications.

  • Pyralux® FR

    DuPont™ Pyralux® FR products are acrylic-based flame retardant copper clad laminates, coverlays, bonpdplys and sheet adhesives for products requiring UL rating.