Product Stewardship

DuPont defines product stewardship as: "An integrated business process for identifying, managing, and reducing safety, health, and environmental risk throughout all stages of a product's life in the best interest of our four stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, and society."

Our product stewardship program objectives are to:

  • Use our understanding of our products to protect our customers, our employees, our community, and the public
  • Anticipate and respond to societal expectations and requirements
  • Minimize resource and energy consumption

We will work with you to integrate product stewardship considerations into your day-to-day business decisions. This will involve understanding each other's goals and how each group can positively contribute to the success of a product stewardship program. The DuPont goal in doing this is to achieve improved performance across the entire value chain.  The final result will be improved product and business sustainability, which benefits each of the stakeholders.

Product stewardship is one component of the American Chemical Council (ACC) and the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) Responsible Care® programs. DuPont is a member of both ACC and CEFIC and is fully committed to implementing product stewardship throughout our businesses.