About EKC Technology

EKC Technology, part of DuPont Electronics & Communications, is the leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in the removal of photoresist and post-dry etch process residue. EKC owns various semiconductor manufacturing processes and supplies a complete line of chemistry used in the BEOL (Back End of Line) for Advanced Interconnect applications.

Having pioneered and patented numerous processes and chemistries, EKC Remover products enable the integration of process tools such as dry etchers and stripping equipment for advanced device manufacture. EKC products range from pure removers for traditional bulk photoresist to those used for resist and residue removal in the most advanced low-k dielectric layers patterned with Deep UV materials. Today these materials must be cleaned without damage to the substrate or change in device electrical properties.

With over 30 years of experience in the Semiconductor industry, EKC has become synonymous with innovation and low cost of ownership. Our patented chemistry is sold with a label bearing license to the user. This allows for a simple buy and use business model. EKC Technology is QS 9000 Certified in Hayward California and is a member of Chemical Manufacturer's Association (CMA). EKC adheres to the highest standards of environmentally friendly chemistry and the CMA Responsible Care® Code. The environmental record of EKC stands out as a model for others to follow. In Japan EKC Technology KK operates laboratories in the KSP Science Park near Tokyo and manufactures at the site of Hayashi Pure Chemical in Mie Japan. This manufacturing site is ISO 9001:2008 certified and certified as being in compliance with all requirements of the ISO/TS 16949:2009 Technical Specification.

In total, EKC manufactures products on three continents and maintains state of the art Quality Control Laboratories as well as Applications Engineering Laboratories in all locations. We invite members of the semiconductor or electronics industry to visit us and allow EKC to provide a process solution to meet your specific needs.