EKC Applications Engineering Support

EKC's trained experts are located worldwide - across North America, Europe and Asia and are available for:

  • on-site visitation, process setup and support
  • solving customer process issues as they arise
  • developing new applications for existing and new products
  • consultation and recommendation of new products as new manufacturing materials and processes evolve
  • guidance on safe and effective handling and use of products
  • gathering new product requirements and establishing product development roadmaps that enable the end-users
  • presentation of new product offerings
  • development of new processing technologies for improving product performance

Sales & Marketing Efforts

  • Support new product promotion.
  • Support environmental assessments of new products.
  • Support compatibility testing for packaging materials.

Applications Engineering Department - Equipment (Remover/Cleaner)

  • Class 10 & 100 Clean Room
  • Two Hitachi S4500 Scanning Electron Microscope w EDAX
  • Optical Microscope: Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus MX61L
  • Tencor OmniMap RS35c Automatic Resistivity Tester
  • Tencor SpectraMap SM300 Thin Film Measuring System
  • Tencor AlphaStep 200 Thin Film Measuring System
  • Tencor Surfscan 164 Particle Measuring System
  • Semitool 4 Tank Solvent System Tool
  • Semitool PSC101 Spin Rinser/Dryer
  • Verteq Superclean 1600-33 Rinser/Dryer
  • Noah Precision 960 Wet Station
  • JST Ultrasonic Process Station
  • Denton Vacuum Desk II Cold Sputter Etch Unit
  • Single Wafer Processor - SEZ/SP301
  • Wet Bench - Grand Plastic/GPTC-5-300
  • Hitachi S-5500 Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Vecco D3100 - Atomic Force Microscope
  • Ellipsometer - J.A. Woollam/M2000
  • 4-Point Probe - 4 Dimension/333A
  • SEM/EDX - Noran/System SIX
  • FT-IR - Perkin Elmer
  • Thermal Desorption Spectrometer - Rigaku