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EKC Technology’s production and administrative facility in Hayward, California is registered to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard, and certified as being in compliance with all requirements of the ISO/TS 16949:2009 Technical Specification. We have a robust, fully implemented quality management system that emphasizes meeting the requirements of our customers, and that drives continuous improvement throughout our company.

Quality Policy

We will deliver defect free products and services on time to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

EKC Technology continually tracks our customers’ overall satisfaction with the products and service we deliver, and we follow-up on any drop in customer satisfaction. Our products and service are among the very best in our industry, and this is reflected in the uniformly high ratings we receive from our customers. We diligently pursue opportunities for continuous improvement to keep us at the cutting edge of meeting the needs of our customers.

Continuous Improvement

We utilize the Six Sigma methodology throughout the company to achieve data-driven improvements in defect elimination. Our employee gainsharing program motivates employees to achieve established quality goals, and to make continual improvements. By linking variable compensation with business performance and the attainment of quality objectives, the program helps to create an environment that promotes innovation.

Quality Control

We maintain a state of the art analytical chemistry laboratory for on-site testing of raw materials and finished products.

Process Change Management

EKC Technology’s Process Change Board includes representatives from Customer Service, Facilities Engineering, Marketing, Operations, Production, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, R&D, Sales (to represent of the Voice of the Customer) and Safety, Health & Environmental.

The group’s activities include overseeing the creation of qualification data packages – standardized pre-qualification documentation assembled and reviewed in preparation for its use when customer notification is required. The Process Change Board documents and approves any changes to our production process or systems.

Corrective Action

Our systems ensure prompt and thorough response to all requests from customers for corrective action. We perform and document root cause analysis with an emphasis on preventing recurrence. We also have the capability to use an 8-D methodology when a customer requests it. Addressing customer corrective actions is given the highest possible priority throughout our organization, with constant monitoring and aggressive follow-up.


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