Removing Post Etch Residues Formed at BEOL Cu Integration

CuSolve™ EKC520™ has been designed to address the challenges of removing post etch residues formed at BEOL Cu integration. EKC520™ is qualified for production at 130 and 110nm, is under qualification for 90nm and successfully evaluated at 65 and 45nm.

EKC520™ is an optimized formulation designed to meet the Voice of the Customer needs for current and future Cu cleaning challenges extending to and enabling future technology nodes.

The components in EKC520™ have been optimized to selectively convert insoluble post etch residues into derivatives that are rapidly removed by dissolution in water, without CD loss, Cu corrosion or increase dielectric permittivity.

EKC520™ has been optimized to give the highest possible selectivity to PER as possible. As such EKC520™ can be extended to batch process applications.

For additional technical information on this technology solution download charts here.

Technology Development

Project Title:
Photoresist Full Wet Remover for Copper Low-k Integration

Project Objective:
Design a chemistry used in copper low-k integration process to remove photoresist, Barc or other materials involved in photoresist film stack

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Karen Willwerth
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