Safety, Health and Environment

EKC considers environmental, health and safety (SHE) compliance and continual improvement to be essential aspects of our overall commitment to excellence in our field, and essential aspects of the continued growth and development of the organization.

Environmental Achievements

The commitment to environmental excellence lies at the heart of EKC's business objectives, and complements our focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Our commitment is demonstrated by our voluntary participation in several environmental certification programs. Our Hayward, California facility earned ISO 14001 accreditation in December, 2000, and its ISO 14001:2004 accreditation in January, 2006.

SHE Improvements

Recent capital investments made in new and upgraded manufacturing and research facilities have also resulted in a range of SHE improvements which prepare the organization for the requirements of the future. These include improvements in the following key areas:

  • Installation of expanded and upgraded spill containment systems.
  • Expanded and upgraded fire extinguishing, detection and alarm systems.
  • Implementation of fail-safe manufacturing systems to minimize potential spill risks.
  • Installation of on-site waste water treatment facilities.
  • Installation of energy conservation equipment and devices that ultimately contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, a suggested cause of Global Warming.
  • Installation of waste compacting and segregation equipment to promote the recycling of wood, plastics, cardboard and paper.

Performance Track

Performance Track is based on the premise that government should complement existing programs with new tools and strategies that not only protect people and the environment, but also capture opportunities for reducing cost and spurring technological innovation.

Performance Track recognizes U.S. facilities that consistently exceed regulatory requirements, excel in protecting the environment and public health, and have implemented high-quality environmental management systems. As a voluntary member of EPA's National Environmental Performance Track ("Performance Track") partnership program, we have committed to challenging environmental goals and dedicating our facility to continuous improvement. Performance Track encourages facilities to continuously improve their environmental performance and to work closely with their communities and employees. Program partners are providing leadership in many areas, including preventing pollution at its source. Currently, the program has about 400 members.

As a Performance Track member we must maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS), achieve a record of Sustained Compliance, demonstrate Continuous Improvement, commit to Community Outreach, and complete an Annual Performance Report

For more information on Performance Track and to review our Annual Performance Report visit the Performance Track website at:

EKC and Global Care™

Global Care™ is a cornerstone of EKC's Environmental, Health and Safety management system. Global Care™ is a demonstration of the semiconductor manufacturing industry's commitment to environmental, health and safety management, leadership and innovation. It establishes a framework for SEMI's diverse membership, customers, and suppliers to build and strengthen SHE management policies, practices, and systems.

The framework consists of five high-level principles and a brief description of supporting practices. The principles also serve as a model for companies that want to reach higher levels of SHE excellence. Global Care™ does not include prescriptive requirements; the principles are voluntary and permit flexible implementation. They are compatible with existing company standards or practices as well as with other industry EH&S management programs and efforts.

As a founding participant in Global Care™, EKC Technology affirms its commitment to global SHE excellence. In adopting the Global Care™ initiative, EKC pledges to support the following principles and the practices described under each principle:

  • Workplace Health and Safety
    Seek to prevent injury and illness in the workplace; provide safeguards and training for employees and contractors within the workplace.
  • Resource Conservation
    Seek to design, build and operate manufacturing and office facilities that optimize water, energy, chemical and material use and reduce waste generation and emissions to the air, water and land.
  • Product Stewardship
    Seek to minimize the environmental impact/footprint of products and/or services.
  • Community Service
    Seek to positively impact and strengthen the quality of life within the communities and neighborhoods in which we live and work. Through outreach, education, participation and compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we seek to govern and mange our operations consistent with the foregoing commitments to workplace health and safety; resource conservation; and product stewardship.
  • Excellence
    Systematically set company goals and measure performance related to Global Care™ principles and excellence in SHE management practices.

For more information on Global Care™, and how it is being implemented throughout the semiconductor industry, visit the SEMI web site.

EKC and Responsible Care®

As a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), EKC Technology also agrees to conduct its business according to the Guiding Principles and codes of Management Practice of Responsible Care®. Responsible Care is the chemical industry's commitment to continuous improvement of health, safety and environmental quality.

As part of our commitment to Responsible Care, we will uphold these program elements:

  • Measure and publicly report our global health, safety and environmental performance
  • Implement the Responsible Care Security Code
  • Apply the modern Responsible Care management system to achieve and verify results
  • Obtain independent certification that a management system is in place and functions according to professional standards

As such, we will strive to make continuous progress toward the vision of no accidents, injuries, or harm to the environment and will publicly report our global health, safety and environmental performance. For more information on how Responsible Care® is being implemented throughout the chemical industry, visit the American Chemistry Council (ACC) web sites.

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For Environmental Policy and SHE Information Contact:
Shawn Butler; SHE Manager

(Eco-Management and Audit Scheme Statements are publicly available upon request)