Anti-Graffiti Tedlar® Films

Anti-Graffiti Tedlar® Films

DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF protective films are designed to resist abrasion, scuffs and stains to preserve the desired aesthetics of your graphics and labels for many years.

Tedlar® films also offer long-lived gloss retention and an easy-to-clean surface so graffiti and other unwanted stains can easily be removed from your graphics.

Preserves image color and brilliance
Tedlar® absorbs UV rays to preserve the substrate image’s color and brilliance. Also, even in the hottest, most humid environments, Tedlar® films are unaffected by mildew.

Tedlar® films can be used in transfer, reverse or direct-printed applications with many water-based, solvent-based or ultraviolet cured inks. Strong solvents and solutions, such as acetone and MEK, will not affect the life of the film, but will help remove unwanted inks and stains with ease.

Available in transparent, translucent and opaque films
Tedlar® films are available in transparent versions that shield UV radiation, as well as translucent and opaque pigmented films that contain no plasticizers, and therefore resist fading, chalking and color shifts for years. For heavy-duty graphics protection, you can print directly on white Tedlar® film and cover it with a clear layer of Tedlar® film.

Typical applications include:  

  • Gas pumps
  • Flexible signs and awnings
  • Automobile signage wraps
  • Digital labels
  • Murals
  • Advertisement signage
  • Vending machines


  • Tedlar® Protective & Decorative Films

    Durable, polyvinyl fluoride films that are used as a long-lasting finish for surfaces exposed to harsh environments.

  • Tedlar® Release Films

    When used as a release liner DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF films provide clean and fast release from high temperature, complex molds.

  • Tedlar® Flexible Adhesives

    Versatile acrylic adhesives developed for use in laminating Tedlar® PVF protective films to a variety of substrates.