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Sustainability at DuPont

At DuPont, science and engineering are the foundation of our company, and innovation is how we create long-term value for our multiple stakeholders. Grounded in our purpose - to empower the world with the essential innovations to thrive - our sustainability strategy is built on three pillars: Innovate, Protect and Empower.


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Innovate for Good

We use our expertise to innovate solutions to important challenges aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We recognize the need for urgency and collaboration with our customers and value chains to address climate change, clean water, circularity, and sustainable production to accelerate progress and impact.   Read more →

Protect People and the Planet

We believe the most valuable business outcomes enable people and the planet to thrive together. In 2021, we prioritized action on climate, introduced new products and tools to help preserve water, and in the face of unprecedented challenges, our colleagues worked safely to deliver results for our customers around the world.  Read more →

Empower People to Thrive

We treat our employees, customers and partners with professionalism, dignity, and respect, fostering an environment where people can contribute, innovate, and excel.  Together with our employee volunteers, we impacted more than 3.5 million lives since 2020, with more than 450 charitable projects across 29 countries in 2021.  Read more →



Executive Letters

Ed Breen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

"We believe the biggest impact we can make is by working with our customers to develop sustainable innovations that address the worlds’ challenges, and by taking a broader view of industry value chains."

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Alexa Dembek, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer

"Right now we're living in the most interconnected world we've ever known. These connections are incredibly powerful tools that spark innovation and transformation. This year's sustainability report tells a story of collaborative networks and progress across our nine goals with significant impact in three areas."

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Featured Sustainability Stories

Advancing Global Desalination

Sorek B, which leverages DuPont FilmTec™ membranes, will increase Israel's desalination capacity by 35% and set a new benchmark for efficiency, sustainability and a record low price of water.​

Flow of Life

The “Flow of Life” project, created by DuPont Water Solutions (DWS) and DuPont Global Community Impact, promotes water science literacy and educates students of all levels.                                                     

Protection for Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic panels are expected to convert sunlight into energy for 30 years or more, but solar panels in the field often experience degradation and other failures that shorten their useful life.

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