2024 Sustainability Report


To our stakeholders,

I’m proud to share our 2024 Sustainability Report that details progress we have made toward achieving our 2030 Sustainability Goals and highlights the hard work by our DuPont team to meet our commitments across all aspects of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).  At DuPont, sustainability is integral to our strategy, embedded in every aspect of our business—from our innovation pipeline, to our manufacturing and supply chains, to how we engage with our people and communities. While our sustainability journey doesn’t have an end, we’re pleased to share our progress and celebrate our milestones.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our achievements and for your continued interest in DuPont.

Ed Breen, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 

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Our Sustainability Strategy

As a global innovation leader and premier multi-industrial company, we deliver sustainable solutions to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Through unmatched expertise and ingenuity, our teams are working side-by-side with customers to design cutting-edge solutions across value chains, resulting in meaningful impact on the lives and businesses of people around the world. 


We developed our sustainability strategy with our purpose in mind—to empower the world with the essential innovations to thrive.


“The number one way that we can lead sustainably is through innovation that addresses global challenges. More than ever, we are putting sustainability at the core of our overall strategy, and the powerful combination of innovation, sustainability, and digital means more value for our customers, employees, shareholders, and communities.”

Alexa A. Dembek, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer


To manage the complex and quickly evolving sustainability landscape, we’ve built our strategy on three pillars: Innovate, Protect, and Empower.

Our nine 2030 Sustainability Goals reside within these three pillars and shape our innovation portfolio, our operations strategy, and our commitment to our people and communities. 


Our 2030 Sustainability Goals