A 60-Year Legacy of Proven Performance

A 60-Year Legacy of Proven Performance

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Continuously improving the way we live, travel and communicate 

For over 60 years, Tedlar® has helped enable new possibilities through superior surface protection. To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at some of the most impactful milestones that have helped build a legacy of tested, trusted and proven performance. 




Introducing Tedlar® PVF film

DuPont receives an original registered trademark for Tedlar® PVF film and officially introduces it for commercial use. 


New possibilities on the horizon

Tedlar® in backsheet construction for solar applications is first proposed in an article published for a U.N. conference on new sources for solar energy.  


Lasting protection for exterior applications

Tedlar® is first used as a surface finish for outdoor building materials in the early 1960s. 

Superior performance against the elements

For over 60 years, Tedlar® has been protecting buildings against even the most extreme elements.  




Tedlar® PVF film takes flight with Boeing

The easy-to-clean, scuff- and chemical-resistant Tedlar® is first used to preserve the look of aircraft interiors. 




Protecting wallcoverings for over 50 years

Tedlar® partner J. Josephson, Inc. marries their vinyl wallcovering with Tedlar® PVF film to create a durable wallcovering.




Tedlar® takes flight with Solar Challenger

When the first solar-powered aircraft takes flight across the English Channel, Tedlar® is on board—protecting several components.


Wallcoverings with Tedlar® film introduced

In 1981, healthcare facilities begin using Tedlar® film to enhance the performance of wallcoverings.

High performance for high-traffic areas

Today, Tedlar® Wallcoverings continue to provide the perfect balance of style and durability for a range of healthcare and hospitality applications. 




Enabling new possibilities in solar energy

As companies begin to expand renewable energy solutions, Tedlar® film-based backsheets are introduced to protect and extend the life of solar panels. 




US Department of Energy chooses Tedlar®

Following an extensive, 11-year study sponsored by the US Department of Energy, NASA’s JPL qualified Tedlar® film for PV backsheets, due to its long-term performance attributes.




Tedlar® film becomes an industry standard

The FAA replaces existing materials in passenger planes with Tedlar® PVF film due to its superior performance.




Tedlar® launches into outer space

In 2007, NASA selects Tedlar® PVF film as a key component for the Phoenix Mars Lander biobarrier. 

Enabling a new frontier 

On May 25, 2008, the Phoenix Mars Lander successfully lands on Mars and operates until November 2. 




Setting sail with Tedlar®

PlanetSolar, the world’s largest solar-powered boat is powered by Tedlar® based backsheets. In 2012, it becomes the first solar-powered vehicle to circumnavigate the globe. 




The clear choice for PV performance

Clear Tedlar® film is first introduced as a lighter, easier to install and easier to maintain alternative to dual glass bifacial panels.

Increasing possibilities. Reducing costs. 

Panels made with Clear Tedlar® continue to improve the performance of PV panels while also helping lower LCOE and ownership costs.




DuPont introduces Tedlar® PV Rescue Tape

Designed to further extend the life of solar panels, Tedlar® PV rescue tape is an innovative solution to repair damaged backsheets in the field without having to replace them.