Tedlar® PVF Film for Metal Roofing and Facades


Metal building exteriors require a mix of performance attributes, including aesthetics, UV, weather, and corrosion resistance, and much more. 

Tedlar® PVF film provides the best protection on the market for metal exteriors, with up to 50 years warranty on a selection of exterior films. DuPont Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film has provided long-lasting protection on metal surfaces around the world for decades. 


Visit here to view some installation examples of Tedlar film on metal exteriors. Tedlar® has been on buildings for 50+ years without any visible signs of degradation or damage.


Tedlar® PVF film is superior to other protective coatings or materials. Tedlar® won’t fade, chalk, crack, blister or check from UV exposure, acid rain or dirt. Even projects within 1500 feet of the ocean, including direct oceanfront properties, will enjoy best-in-class lasting protection against degradation from corrosive salt spray. Tedlar® is impervious to harsh chemicals, and its unmatched pliability means it can be fabricated to a vast range of shapes without cracks, film integrity loss, or loss of adhesion.

Tedlar® ensures your building project will look and perform like new for decades, and your customers’ investment is protected with the market’s most premium option. Additionally, using aluminum or steel laminated with Tedlar® can reduce the need to replace building materials over the life of a structure, thanks to the film’s excellent longevity.

Tedlar® PVF film is available in a large range of colors, matching many of the most popular PVDF coating colors; including a range of blacks, grays, browns, bronze, whites, and much more. 

See how Tedlar® compares to PVDF, FEVE, SMP and other paint systems



COASTALUME™ - Engineered and Warrantied for Coastal Building Construction

COASTALUME™ is a first of its kind product that combines U. S. Steel’s GALVALUME® with DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film to create a revolutionary, maintenance-free, and highly sustainable roofing and siding offering. It provides the level of durability needed for residential and commercial construction in coastal environments, and is built to last – limiting replacement throughout the life of a building.


COASTALUME™ standing seam roofing and wall systems provide strength and protection from extreme weather:

  • Can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 140 mph
  • Fire retardant
  • Tedlar® finish offers best-in-class resistance to corrosion, chalk and fade
  • Mold and mildew resistant, graffiti-proof
  • Excellent resistance to hail, impact, and abrasion
  • Reduces potential for leaks and related water damage

COASTALUME™ also offers industry leading warranties, including 25 years on steel substrate, up to 50 years on finish (fresh water rinse not required), and coverage for roofing and siding products installed up to 300 feet from breaking surf.

Combining the strength and sustainability of steel with the lasting performance and durable protection of Tedlar® ensures COASTALUME™ is the best product for building in coastal environments.

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