Tedlar® PVF Film for Wallcoverings


Unparalleled performance in even the most rigorous environments, from hospitals to schools

From hospitality to healthcare, commercial or residential wallcoverings protected by DuPont™ Tedlar® film provide durable design for high-traffic areas. The protection of Tedlar® ensures lasting stain, impact, scuff, and fade resistance, to ensure wallcoverings keep looking brand new.


Stain proof and worry free

Tedlar® film provides any commercial, residential, or classroom wallcoverings with an impervious barrier against stains, making it easy to wipe away everything from permanent market to iodine.


Standard Type II wallcovering without and with Tedlar® protection against staining.


Cleaners & bleach

Tedlar® film can stand up to the harshest industrial cleaning products, including bleach and alcohol-based solvents. It is even unaffected by strong acids, bases and acetone.


Fire & smoke

Tedlar® film has low smoke ratings and does not readily burn or support combustion, making it one of the safest materials designed for interior wall coverings.


Mold, mildew & bacteria

Third-party laboratory antimicrobial testing has proven that Tedlar® film does not support or provide nutrients to assist in mold and bacteria growth, including E. coli.


Indoor air quality

Third-party testing shows that Tedlar® film reduces VOCs, improving air quality, and enabling health and safety certifications for building owners.


Enhance the performance of wallcoverings and wall protection materials with Tedlar®

Tedlar® adds value for commercial, educational, and healthcare spaces by ensuring the wallcovering is highly durable and will look clean and fresh in high-traffic environments, especially those requiring frequent cleaning.

Tedlar® performs for residential applications by protecting homeowners’ investment in their living spaces. Life can be messy, but walls won’t be with the stain resistant, scrubbable, impact resistant performance of Tedlar®.


Watch the video to see how Tedlar® PVF film adds incredible stain resistance to wallpaper applications. Tedlar® is resistant to mold, mildew, fire, smoke, and a range of stains and chemical cleaners- meaning a wallcovering protected by Tedlar® will look brand new for years, whatever life throws at it.


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Tedlar® is used by wallcovering companies globally under various trade names. Ask your wallcovering supplier for Tedlar® protection!

The following companies produce wallcovering with Tedlar® protection with branded Tedlar® products. Our partners in each region can help you select the right product for your project, or identify a local distributor of Tedlar® wallcovering.