Plasma Process


High-endurance seal materials for plasma processes that lower the cost of equipment maintenance 

DuPont™ Kalrez® seals perform better than other materials under the intensive plasma conditions of semiconductor chip manufacturing.


The intensive cleaning and plasma processes during PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) and Dry Etching require robust seals. Kalrez® seals withstand the rigors of plasma processing to seal out contamination and extend the interval between preventive maintenance cycles.

Typical applications include:

• Door seals
• Gate valves
• Pendulum valves
• Chamber lid seals
• Exhaust valves
• Gas inlet/outlet/mixing block seals
• Window seals
• Center rings
• Wafer support and transport
• Flat panel display support and transport


Kalrez® benefits

Kalrez® materials are ideal for semiconductor manufacturing because they offer:

• Low erosion rate and ultra-low particle generation in harsh plasma environments
• Excellent resistance to ozone, ammonia, water vapor, and plasma radicals
• Formulations specifically designed for processes where the plasma environment is a combination of ions (physical) and radicals (chemicals)


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