Kalrez® Parts Heat Resistance


Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts last longer and seal more effectively than other elastomers due to their exceptional heat resistance.  Longer-lasting seals can be a direct route to extended mean time between replacement and lower cost of ownership.

Heat Resistance

The outstanding thermal stability and excellent chemical resistance of perfluoroelastomer parts are due to the strength of its carbon-fluorine bond in the perfluorinated chain.  Even after long-term exposure to temperatures up to 327°C, Kalrez® parts retain elasticity and recovery properties better than other high temperature elastomers. They resist hardening and embrittlement, the principal heat-related cause of seal degradation and failure. And in high-vacuum semiconductor applications, Kalrez® parts exhibit negligible outgassing over a wide temperature range.

Low Compression Set

Kalrez® parts exhibit low compression set, maintaining their elastic recovery to maintain tight seals over the long haul. Because Kalrez® parts recover better under compression than other perfluoroelastomers, they maintain their shape better under prolonged stress.


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