Vespel® Product Families


Vespel® parts, manufactured by DuPont to your design specifications, are made from a variety of materials (polyimides, thermoplastics, composites and chemically resistant polymers).  These products offer a unique combination of the physical properties and design flexibility. Parts can be designed to simplify product assembly and may reduce the need for other parts. As with metals and ceramics, Vespel® parts can successfully perform in demanding physical environments.

Vespel® S Line                                                                              

The S family of polyimide parts and shapes offers differing sets of attributes.  The Vespel® S family of products are highly durable polyimides for demanding applications where exceptional thermal resistance, low wear and/or low friction, strength and impact resistance are desired.                                

Vespel® CR Line                                                                              

The CR family provides excellent chemical resistance.  Parts from the CR line can be found in refineries and chemical processing. These products offer high-creep resistance for seals, wear rings for pumps and easy machinability for tight-tolerance parts like ball-valve seats.

Vespel® CP Line

The CP family offers an array of fiber or fabric reinforced composites for a range of unique design needs when self-lubrication, wear and impact resistance are key. Polyimide from the CP line can be found as replacement for cast aluminum or titanium tube clamps in slide blocks and can be stronger than powder-filled compositions.  

Vespel® ASB Line                                                                              

The ASB family represents a set of capabilities combining the attributes of multiple materials integrated into an assembly.  Such capabilities include fastening/bonding composites or carbon-graphites to supporting metallic structures or overmolding/insert molding one material with another material such as a thermoplastic.  Such integration provides an expanded set of possibilities to help solve challenges.                                                                                                        


AURUM® resin is a thermoplastic polyimide that is melt-processible lending itself to fabrication methods such as injection molding and extrusion.  Offering continuous use temperatures to 240°C (465°F), AURUM® parts exhibit low outgassing, superior radiation resistance, excellent wear performance and resistance to chemicals. Components made from AURUM® resin can be excellent replacements for metals, ceramics, and other plastics. 

AURUM® is a registered trademark of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.


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