High-performance solutions for challenging aerospace applications

Aerospace and commercial aviation customers turn to us for innovative solutions that help them solve specific challenges like weight reduction, improved durability and reliability and manufacturing efficiencies. Backed by decades of experience and an impressive team of skilled engineers and scientists, we are always ready to answer the call.


Space and Satellites

Performance and stability at low temperatures and radiation conditions, offering an alternative to metal in broad temperature, high stress conditions

Vespel® parts and shapes for a variety of space and satellite applications.

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Centers Of  Excellence

Testing, development and innovation happen here 

At DuPont Centers of Excellence for application testing, you can work side by side with our scientists and engineers to develop new solutions for your toughest challenges. 

Our business extends far beyond materials

We are committed to staying on top of the latest trends in manufacturing, testing, quality and customer support. Our goal is to support our customers at every stage of the process.

High-performance DuPont parts and shapes help extend equipment service life and maintenance intervals.   

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