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DuPont materials for aircraft engines perform at high temperatures with low wear for long life and fewer repairs

DuPont™ Kalrez® and DuPont™ Vespel® products empower aerospace designers to push the limits of performance and sustainability. The result? Reduced weight by replacing metal in high temperature and high wear environments as well as improved efficiency. And, through lower friction, better sealing and innovative design. 

High-performance solutions for demanding aerospace applications

Aerospace customers turn to us for innovations solutions. From stator vane bushings and O-rings to wear strips and thrust reverser channels, we help solve specific challenges like weight reduction, improved durability and reliability and manufacturing efficiencies. 

DuPont materials scientists, application developers and engineers—coupled with extensive testing capabilities—collaborate with aerospace customers globally to identify new needs. We work with customers in guiding materials research and new part development to deliver the capabilities and savings required by the next generation of aircraft and engines, and to help aerospace engineers select products suitable for their needs.


Engineered to take the heat

Vespel® aircraft engine parts for high heat, low wear

Lightweight Vespel® parts for military, commercial and industrial aircraft engines offer low wear and friction, broad temperature compatibility and self-lubrication.

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