Trusted in Extreme Conditions

Harsh Industrial Operating Environments Call for Vespel® Parts and Shapes

Tensile testing of machined parts used in extreme conditions.

Temperature extremes, high friction, and heavy loads?  Vespel® has outperformed other engineering materials under the most severe conditions since 1965. 

Highly demanding applications like aerospace components, semiconductor processing, automotive manufacturing, and energy production rely on Vespel® parts to keep their equipment running.

Vespel® polyimide materials provide continuous operation at cryogenic to high temperatures; low wear and low friction at high PV in lubricated or unlubricated environments; outstanding creep, strength, and impact resistance; exceptional dimensional stability; low thermal expansion; and easy machinability.

Vespel® makes lighter weight parts not only practical, but, in many cases, better than standard metal, ceramics, and other engineering polymers such as PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and PAI (polyamide-imide).

With design centers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, DuPont technicians collaborate with customers to combine materials science with design to produce high-performance parts and keep production running smoothly.

Vespel® parts and shapes, both custom and stock, have been tested and proven effective in highly demanding applications around the globe. They are available in sheet, rod, tube, plaque, bar, disk, ring, ball, and custom machined parts.

  • Bearings, bushings, insulators, seals, thrust washers, and wear rings
  • Wear pads, wear strips, and tube clamps
  • Thermoplastic injection-molded, assembled, and composite parts
  • Test sockets and wafer guides
  • Glass handling technology
  • Wear components in centrifugal pumps
  • Hydrocarbon, chemical, and water service pumps
  • Potable water applications
  • Low creep and low out-gassing
  • Lightweight yet handles high loads
  • Chemical, electrical, wear, and thermal resistance
  • Strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability
  • Easy to machine and can be machined to very close tolerances
  • Works well under hard vacuum, radiation, oxygen compatibility, cryogenic conditions, and exposure to flame
  • Costs less to manufacture than ceramic




Product Name Description
AURUM® JCF3030 AURUM JCF3030 is a high-performance polyimide for precision injection molded components and extruded products.
AURUM® JCL3030 AURUM JCL3030 is a high-performance polyimide for precision injection molded components and extruded products.
Processing Precautions for Mitsui® AURUM® Resins containing PTFE AURUM® thermoplastic polyimide resins are melt-processable and as such, can be injection molded, extruded, and converted into parts and shapes by various other melt processing methods.
Vespel® ASB-0670 DuPont™ Vespel®ASB-0670 parts are metal backed to offer enhanced load-carrying capacity, while providing a self-lubricating composite surface. The fabric component of ASB-0670 provides a low coefficient of friction and high strength to achieve superior wear life.
Vespel® ASB-0826 & ASB-3000 DuPont™ Vespel® ASB-0826 and 3000 fabric-lined parts offer load-carrying capacity, while providing a self-lubricating surface. Fabrics combine the low friction properties of PTFE with other high-strength fibers for a durable liner that won’t damage the mating surface.
Vespel® ASB-5000 The DuPont™ Vespel® ASB parts graphite series offers high thermal oxidative resistance. By coupling the high temperature, self-lubricating properties of mechanical graphite with the appropriate selection of metal housings, DuPont can design a durable assembly that is easy to install and matches the CTE of the mating components.
Vespel® CP-0301 Vespel® CP-0301 composite parts from sheet molding compound consist of long, chopped fibers held in a polymer matrix. The discontinuous nature of the fibers allows the fibers to align with the contours of the part, permitting the molding of relatively complex shapes, while providing reinforcing strength. Vespel® CP-0301 parts demonstrate high strength and low weight for aircraft clamps and similar components.
Vespel® CP-0600 Vespel® CP-0644, CP-0648 and CP-0650 composite parts consist of woven, carbon- fiber fabrics laminated in polyimide resin for strong, light, and durable components.
Vespel® CP-0664 DuPont is committed to maintaining the integrity of its Authentic DuPont™ Vespel® shapes and the high levels of product quality and service that our customers have come to expect and enjoy.
Vespel® CP-8000 Vespel® CP-8000 series composite parts are made from fibers braided into hollow tubes held in a matrix of resins. This produces bushings that offer the best combination of properties for applications that require the benefits that a composite structure offers.
Vespel® CP-9800 Vespel® CP-9800 is a clean, stiff, light-weight new end effector material. Custom parts made from this pitch-based carbon fiber and epoxy composite are designed specifically for the function required in the application.
Vespel® CR-6100 DuPont™ Vespel® CR-6100 is a composite material designed for use in hostile chemical environments. Stationary parts in this composite material meet the following specification per API STD 610/ISO 13709, Centrifugal Pumps For Petroleum Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries:-46 to 230 °C (-50 to 450 °F) temperature limits and 2,000 kPa (20 bar; 300 psi) limiting pressure differential per wear part linear measure of 25 mm (1.0 inch).
Vespel® S DuPont VESPEL SP polyimide bearings have been hard at work for more than twenty years, keeping equipment running longer and with less maintenance than conventional bearing materials.
Vespel® S Glass Handling Technology DuPont VESPEL SP polyimide bearings have been hard at work for more than twenty years, keeping equipment running longer and with less maintenance than conventional bearing materials.
Vespel® SCP-5000 DuPont™ Vespel® SCP-5000 is an unfilled polyimide polymer that offers high modulus and surface hardness and improved dimensional stability. Compared to traditional polyimides, it offers better strength and stiffness at high temperatures.
Vespel® SCP-50094 DuPont™ Vespel®B SCP-50094 is a proprietary polymer. It is designed for demanding applications that require extensive toughness and chemical resistance.
Vespel® SCP-5050 A shroud is a segmented ring with holes drilled radially outward for variable vane stems used inside a jet engine compressor. Some are split.
Vespel® SCP-5050 and 50094 Extend part life, reduce weight and cut costs by replacing metal parts and assemblies with DuPont™ Vespel® SCP-5050 and SCP-50094 direct-formed (DF) parts.
Vespel® SF High Temperature Polyimide Foam Improves Performance and Reduces Fuel Consumption in Aerospace Applications.
Vespel® SMP-40025 DuPont™ Vespel® SMP-40025 parts and shapes offer thermal oxidation resistance and thermal stability with high modulus and low elongation.
Vespel® SMR-0454 DuPont™ Vespel® SMR-0454 parts and shapes have high modulus, low elongation, high compressive strengths and low creep.
Vespel® SP The design of hydraulic units is complex as it has to take into consideration such aspects as: leakage control, sealing, vibrations, high loads & speeds, high temperatures generated by friction, durability and reliability.
Vespel® SP-1 DuPont™ Vespel® SP-1 parts and shapes are specified for their excellent physical properties, including electrical and thermal insulation at high temperatures. SP-1 is an unfilled polymer.
Vespel® SP-202 DuPont™ Vespel® SP-202 contactor pads, rollers, guides, and lift pin components have high reliability and long life in high temperature service.
Vespel® SP-21 DuPont™ Vespel® SP-21 parts and shapes provide low wear and friction for bearing, thrust washers, and dynamic seals. SP-21 is a graphite-filled polymer.
Vespel® SP-211 DuPont™ Vespel® SP-211 parts and shapes have a low coefficient of friction over a wide range of operating conditions. It exhibits low wear rates up to 300 °C (572 °F). SP-211 is a filled polymer.
Vespel® SP-22 DuPont™ Vespel® SP-22 parts and shapes provide low wear and friction for bearings, thrust washers, and dynamic seals. SP-22 is a filled polymer with a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to aluminum.
Vespel® SP-221 DuPont™ Vespel® SP-221 parts and shapes are specified for low wear applications in non-lubricated conditions against soft metals like aluminum, brass, bronze; bearings (bushings, washers, etc.).
Vespel® SP-2515 Parts made from DuPont™ Vespel® SP-2515 offer a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), excellent wear against both aluminum and steel alloys, and a low coefficient of friction in both dry and lubricated conditions. These properties make Vespel® SP-2515 parts ideal for applications such as seal rings, thrust washers, and bushings where high energy efficiency and dimensional stability, over a broad range of temperatures, are a requirement.
Vespel® SP-3 DuPont™ Vespel® SP-3 parts and shapes are specified for seals and bearings in vacuum or dry environments.
Vespel® ST-2010 DuPont™ Vespel® ST-2010 parts and shapes can be used for lubricated or non-lubricated, low friction and wear applications including valve seats, seals, bearings, washers and seal rings.
Vespel® ST-2030 ST-2030 poyimide direct formed parts.

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