Chemical Protective Apparel for Hazmat

& Emergency Response


To protect others, emergency responders need the best protection for themselves. Emergency workers and first responders face a number of often toxic chemical, thermal and biological threats, such as toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and viruses. Choosing appropriate protective apparel means considering many factors.

The products below are frequently selected for use in emergency response situations that require some form of chemical protection, but this is not a comprehensive list. Please click the Industry option in the Product Selector tool at the top of this page to specify your unique challenges and find the garments or accessories that best suit your needs.

Frequently Selected - Hazmat/Emergency Response

Tychem® 6000

Tychem® 6000 TF611 coveralls have an elastomeric interface hood and provide at least 30 minutes of protection against over 180 chemicals, including chemical warfare agents.

Tychem® 6000 FR

Certified to NFPA 1992 providing both liquid protection and protection during an escape from a flash fire.

Tychem® 10000

Excellent chemical barrier properties in an extremely durable fabric that is puncture- and tear-resistant.

Tychem® 2000

Tychem® 2000 provides light liquid splash protection for dozens of common industrial chemicals.