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For plastics compounders and processors, the right choice of materials can make the crucial difference in maximizing production speeds, cost, quality and consistency. Our unmatched expertise and resources make us the most capable partner for your plastics and composites needs, so that you can extend properties, enhance processing and reinforce materials .
Combining an industry-leading portfolio of silicone-based additives, silicone elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers —plus deep experience in serving the industries that use them—we can help you capture greater efficiencies in production while delivering more performance, durability and quality to your end-users.

We supply a wide array of silicone-based additives and masterbatches to enhance the properties and processability of popular thermoplastic resins. For example, our Multibase siloxane masterbatches are used to modify the surface of finished plastic parts for friction management, to improve wear resistance and to increase melt flow. Multibase has been a compounding leader since early eighties.

Our range of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), including Multibase silicone-enhanced TPSiV® thermoplastic vulcanizates , combine the elastomeric properties of thermoset rubber or silicone with the design freedom, processing ease and recyclability of thermoplastic resins. Silicone enhances these TPEs with desirable aesthetic and tactile qualities.

These solutions are in demand from the automotive and electronics sectors, among others.

Plastics Additives

Our advanced silicone-based additives deliver desirable functionality and processing efficiency benefits – from non-halogenated flame retardancy and scratch resistance to a lower coefficient of friction – to the most widely used thermoplastic resins. Our silicone-based additives provide benefits such as stress relief and higher temperature resistance in engineering materials and stiffness and strength in glass fiber-reinforced materials.


The fast-changing, highly competitive electronics market demands differentiated products with higher performance and superior aesthetics. Silicone-based TPSiV products from Multibase enhance tactile features, visual effects and durability in applications such as keyboards and mobile phone housings, and in wearables such as fitness bands and ear buds.


Car manufacturers and their suppliers have to cope today with a challenging global market where consumers continually expect more value from their vehicles, not only in terms of performance and fuel efficiency, but also in terms of safety, comfort, reliability and perceived quality. Increasingly stringent standards and environmental and recycling regulations put further demands on the industry.