DuPont and REACH

DuPont and REACH General Statement

Over the 200 and more years of the company’s existence, DuPont has demonstrated our long tradition of regulatory compliance excellence and leadership in product stewardship. We continue along this tradition to set the stage for the registration process of the substances we manufacture in - and import into - the European Union, together with the authorization process that may affect some of our substances.

Consistent with the Responsible Care® code of Product Stewardship, we remain fully engaged in the implementation of REACH, and are working closely with our Customers and Suppliers in this context.

We wish to ensure that the final application of the Regulation is targeted towards an acceptable cost/benefit balance, that animal testing is minimized and that the traditional aspects of quality, safety and environmental protection are preserved.

DuPont's objective is the registration of the substances that DuPont manufactures in or imports into the European Union.