DuPont Presents: “Solving Sealing Challenges in Upstream and Downstream Environments”

DuPont Oil & Gas Webinar

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DuPont Performance Polymers presented a webinar and white paper which explores the challenges and solutions for sealing parts in Oil and Gas applications.


Increasing oil extraction pressures and temperatures, aggressive chemicals and rapid gas decompression (RGD) in new, more difficult drilling sites create operating environments beyond the capabilities of most elastomers. These demanding conditions can impact sealing performance and reliability, and ultimately may result in seal failure and costly downtime.

Topics include:

  • Consequences of inadequate seal selection
  • Rapid gas decompression
  • Sealing performance measurements
  • Solutions available
  • Application areas
  • Cost of ownership implications

Download the Webinar from the Smithers Rapra website

Download the White Paper from the Smithers Rapra website