Vespel® Stock Shape Sizes


Authentic DuPont Vespel® Stock Shapes

Vespel® stock shapes are a combination of material composition, geometric size/shape and process method manufactured only by DuPont. Shapes manufactured by other companies machined to the same size as Vespel® stock shapes may not deliver the same performance of Authentic Vespel® stock shapes.  Ensure you are getting Authentic Vespel® stock shapes.

Sizes and Availability for Vespel® Stock Shapes

A variety of stock shapes and sizes are available with specific filled or unfilled resin grades. Contact your Authorized Distributor for more information.

DuPont Vespel® Authorized Distributors

To ensure the integrity of your product as well as your customer’s business, purchase only Authentic DuPont Vespel® stock shapes from an authorized DuPont distributor.


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