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From ballistic and stab threats to heat, flame and arc flash, military personnel, emergency responders and law enforcement officers face some of the most extreme on-the-job hazards. 
At DuPont, we’re committed to ensuring they have the protection they need to get home safely. 
Our global network of Life Protection specialists always has your back when it comes to choosing 
the right protection.

Introducing Tensylon® HSBD-40A

See the latest innovation in hard armor for military personnel and law enforcement.

Every thread tells a story

See why Nomex® and Kevlar® are protection’s common thread. 

What keeps you safe

Learn how DuPont is improving more than just protection.


Meet the world’s most technologically advanced burn evaluation unit.

Nomex® Nano Flex hoods

See how hoods made with Nomex® Nano Flex protect the most vulnerable areas.

The Kevlar® journey, top to bottom

See the many ways Kevlar® continues to push the limits of possibility.


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Webinar: FR face masks & COVID-19

Learn what firefighters and emergency responders need to know when it comes to facial coverings.

Introducing Kevlar® XP™ K520

Discover the latest in superior impact performance for military personnel and law enforcement.

A partnership in protection

Learn why Massif trusts Nomex® when it comes to improving protection for those who serve. 

Battle-tested ballistic performance

See how the superior impact performance of Tensylon® helps increase survivability.  

Not all face masks are the same

See why firefighters need FR face masks that are properly matched with their FR garments.

Your safety is our business

From the front lines to the power lines and everywhere in between, we provide the protection you deserve.