Nomex® Nano and Nano Flex: Next-Generation Firefighter Protection

Nomex® Nano and Nano Flex: Next-Generation Firefighter Protection
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What if a new technology could help reduce heat stress; decrease the weight and bulk of your turnout gear; and help increase your mobility without compromising thermal protection?

It’s here: DuPont™ Nomex® Nano.

Based on the Nomex® brand that firefighters around the world have trusted for more than 50 years, new Nomex® Nano represents the next generation of flame-resistant (FR) solutions from DuPont. We developed Nomex® Nano to address the growing problem of heat stress, which now causes more firefighter injuries than any other single factor.

We engineered Nomex® Nano to be thinner than other advanced FR materials used for thermal liners. In fact, Nomex® Nano may provide up to a 40% reduction in thermal liner thickness compared to other advanced liners available today, while providing similar thermal protection performance (TPP).

A thermal liner of Nomex® Nano may reduce the weight and bulk of current turnout gear systems, helping give firefighters increased mobility and a better range of motion. What’s more, Nomex® Nano features improved total heat loss (THL) compared to typical thermal liners with similar TPP, which also helps reduce heat stress.


The superior moisture management of Nomex® Nano is another way it helps reduce heat stress. In laboratory tests comparing moisture absorption, the thermal liner made of Nomex® Nano showed approximately 30% more absorption capacity compared to conventional thermal liners—with equivalent drying rates.

The bottom line? The next generation of firefighter protection is here—Nomex® Nano.

DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex: Game-changing barrier protection

New DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex is the latest breakthrough in barrier protection for firefighter hoods. Nomex® Nano Flex is a highly breathable, FR material with exceptional elasticity and superior particle barrier performance. It is thinner and lighter weight than other FR materials.

The addition of Nomex® Nano Flex to a firefighter hood composite structure provides improved particle barrier protection in the vulnerable neckline and upper jaw area that historically are known to be the most vulnerable and least protected. In fact, it results in up to a 4x increase in particle barrier efficiency.

What’s more, the combination of Nomex® Nano Flex and an FR knit material in a firefighter hood results in a 25% improvement in TPP compared to an FR knit material alone.

The bottom line? Game-changing barrier protection is here—Nomex® Nano Flex.


Fluorescent Aerosol Screening Test (FAST) - an aerosol test that shows how particles can penetrate through PPE and leave a deposit on the skin.